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Vesta Realty, a property management company, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vesta Capital. Vesta Realty sets itself apart from the competition by being in full operational control of monitoring on-site activities. While it is common for real estate investment firms to outsource this aspect of the business, we know this function is too critical to hand over to a third party. As business owners, we understand that no one cares as much about your business as you do, and we want to show you how much we care, as well.

Prior to the founding of the company, Marc Kulick, Founder and Managing Member of Vesta Capital and Vesta Realty, spent over 10 years gaining experience in property management. Rising the ranks to Vice President of Multifamily for a large, international Real Estate Investment Firm, Mr. Kulick was directly responsible for the property management of over 5,000 units. This experience gives him a unique advantage as he leads the Vesta Realty team to great success in the real estate market.

Because our company understands the value of being at the forefront of all your property’s innerworkings, Vesta Realty invests time in listening to client concerns, understanding their key goals, and preparing a solid management plan accordingly. With Mr. Kulick at the helm, Vesta Realty makes your asset, our asset with the principal-to-principal approach, meaning that we invest alongside our clients and consider ourselves to be partners. In using this strategy, we align our interests with our client’s own. With these ideologies, Vesta Realty continues to enjoy success in the multifamily space.

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